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Hi, I’m Patricia. I’m Odessa/Midland’s original birth photographer. I photographed my first birth here in the Permian Basin over 15 years ago. In that time, there has been a shift from film to digital, but for me not much else has really changed. Birth is still an awe-inspiring, almost sacred event. I have photographed labors and births (natural and augmented, even cesarean) at our area hospitals and birth centers, as well as homebirths. I could not be more humbled and blessed to take part in so many earthside arrivals.

Work.  Rest.  Emerging life.  The support of the loving husband.  The mother’s hands as she reaches for her baby.  His eyes opening in wonder at the sound of his mother’s voice.  The circle of family.  The rush of love for each other on the amazing accomplishment of birth.  The awe and wonder at their tiny child.  These and more are the moments and images I endeavor to capture for you in a photo-journalistic style, to treasure for your entire lives.

Birth is sacred.  Holy.  A time where some of life’s hardest work is accomplished through labor, and where one of its greatest blessings is delivered through birth.  These intimate moments are beautifully captured in timeless fashion, by a photographer thoroughly awed by the beauty of birth.  This is your moment and your time.  I capture this in as unobtrusive  a manner as possible.  Revel in your newborn.  Relax together as I beautifully capture it all for you.

With your birth photography package, you receive up to 4-5 hours of professional photography to journal your labor, birth, and those precious first moments as a new family.    And then… cutting the cord, the weighing and measuring, and the first meeting with older siblings (if they are present), and more.  I also capture those tiny little glimpses of newness – the tiny fingers, the perfect ears, sweet little mouth, precious toes…  And if your little one takes more than 5 hours, it is no problem.  There is simply an added hourly fee, so you can rest assured I will be there for the big moment.  And you always have the option to send me home and call me back. (Honestly, it’s really rare that I am needed over the 5 hours. I generally show up after mom has gone into active labor. Often, one of the medical caregivers will let mom and dad know when they should call me to come.)

Along with a complete print release and a USB of high resolution, processed images from the birth, I also will present you with a press printed, hardcover book of beautifully captured key moments.  In timeless photo-journalistic style, your images will be processed in a stunning black and white, for a truly breathtaking collection.

Bookings for birth photography services are limited, in order to be exclusively on call for your birth from 38-41 weeks, any time of day or night.  No need to worry whether another client will go into labor at the same time.  I also do not commit to shooting any type of big events or weddings, nor do I or my family take any trips away from the area.  For this exclusive availability, there is a non-refundable $1300 fee to retain me.  The final number of images varies, but as long as the labor is not precipitous, you can typically expect approximately 100-200 processed images.

I offer a special rate for combined packages.  You can combine your birth photography package with a maternity session and a newborn session, and save on session fees!

I look forward to capturing this amazing time for you through photography.  Nothing has changed in the 15 years since I first had the honor of photographing another family’s birth.  It is an awe-inspiring event every single time.  And I know you will be so pleased and blessed to have this precious time documented in such a professional and beautiful manner.

Please contact me if you would like more information, or to retain me to photograph this special time:

(432) 279-0742 or