First Glimpse

First Glimpse/Fresh 48 Sessions typically take place within 48-72 hours of baby’s birth, in the hospital, birth center or at the client’s home. For rates, contact Patricia: [email protected]

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Fresh 48 sessions are intended to capture the “brand-new-ness” of your baby’s first hours. That wrinkly skin, the fuzzy hair, etc… As such, the images of the newborn are not retouched. There is no posing involved, although the use of available light is important, so sometimes the client may be encouraged to sit in more favorable or flattering light. I usually recommend a mix of image ideas, to better capture the feel of these first hours. Placing baby in the layette and/or on the bed, unwrapping him, being held by parent, singing to him or counting his fingers, rocking…all those beautifully sweet things that we do with our brand new babies, because….

…your baby is only this little once.

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