Personal faves from the studio – Patricia Wade Midland Portrait Photographer

Big apology for not keeping new work regularly posted.  It was a rough few months there, with computer and internet trouble conspiring to keep me from posting.  Many thanks to my wonderful hubby, whose savvy has remedied my computer woes.  The internet, meh, it could stand improvement.  But, I just take downtime as permission to play in my studio.  Ha!  I have some sessions that are overdue to be posted, but I am going to take just a quick moment to post some of my latest faves that have resulted from playtime in the studio.  Thanks for letting me share my work and my love with you.

Posting soon – an outdoor-big kid-birthday shoot, a fabulous family session, another fun-filled cake smash, an awesome senior session, and more gorgeous families.  So please check back!  And thanks so much for visiting my site.  YOU ARE A BLESSING!

Day 1 of 365 (2011) {Patricia Wade Portrait Photographer West Texas}

Happy New Year! I am so excited to see all the amazing things this next year is going to bring! And while I am not big on the whole “resolution” thing, I do think it’s good to regularly take stock and determine what changes and improvements need to be made. Like most moms, I want to make more quality time with family. I want to have more one-on-one time with my children. I want to eat healthier and exercise more. I want to spend more time in prayer and in God’s word. And I want to really grow as a photographer. I have seen such tremendous growth in my photography this past year, and I can hardly wait to see how much it grows in this next year. Thus, I am starting a 365 project. One great photo per day for the whole year. Now, this isn’t really a big change – I normally take random photos or shoot mini sessions almost every day. But my plan right now is to really take the time to create, to feel inspiration, to know when I’ve got the shot and call it a wrap. I’m also working on a very clean, concise, and efficient post-processing workflow.

So, with that in mind, here is my 1st portrait of the new year.

It was a 10 minute session out in a brisk 40 (burrrrr!) degrees! (Her sister was on stand-by with a warm coat to bundle her in between shots.)  But it was still pretty fun!

Are you working on a 365 project this year? Feel free to post your flickr! I’d love to see your work!