4 months cute

It is always so sweet to have a session with a little one that I had the joy of photographing as a newborn. I remember taking a photo of this cutie in that same, fabulous leopard hat – a hat which her uncle got her. (I was so impressed with that at her newborn session. Hey, it’s LEOPARD! Go, uncle!)
family children baby photographer midlandI love that her clothes say, “This is my little black dress”!  How cute is that?  This little lady’s first year is going to be outrageously fun, and guess who gets to stop in every now and then with the camera.  I know, right?  It’s ok to be jealous.  *wink*

Love you guys!


Never Too Young to Get Behind the Camera – Patricia Wade Children Photography

Meet little Mr. Photographer.  Oh my goodness, was he C-U-T-E!  He was even cute when he gave me the stink eye and told me he was done.  (And I got a snap of it, too!  HA!)  This was a quick mini-session that we worked in one day.  He was so excited to get to try out the hat and tie props, and he got to mess around with my old-school film camera.  He kept asking me which button to push.  HOW CUTE IS THAT?  Love this kid! Now for the photos.  *WARNING – possible cuteness overload.  Proceed at your own risk.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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