Things I Love

I love my Mimosa tree. My great-grandmother had a glorious Mimosa in her yard, and I remember playing under it every time we would visit her. I would pick the leaves off, then run my fingers down the stems, sliding the leaves right off. And when the pods were ripe, I would pick them and peel the pods, to reveal hundreds of beans. Many of which would end up sprouting in various and sundry places. HA! I’m sure my parents appreciated that.

I love our dog. Holly is a Golden Retriever/Lab mix. She is the SWEETEST dog. We got her the weekend after Christmas, so she is still a puppy. I can’t tell if she is more like a toddler or an awkward adolescent, ha!

I love tiny baby feet. Really, I could just admire baby feet for hours. And baby fingers. And baby eyelashes. Ok, you got me. I really just love babies! The time when they are little is so fleeting. I want to relish every single second.

I love sleeping toddlers, with their round faces and curled fists. I love to go check on my little guy, just to see those moments of complete serenity. Because once he is awake… Well, let’s just say that I was reminded of this sweet moment today, when I was feeling quite a bit of tension due to this angelic child. It seems he poured out and tracked an entire bottle of dark blue nail polish all down the hall today. No, I haven’t finished cleaning it all up. Hmmm….flooring by Ulta. Nice. That was a hard moment. But you know what? Floors….well, those floors are going to get torn up anyway. And in the end, who cares what my floors look like? When I get old and gray(er), I am not going to give a thought to all the messes my kids made when they were little. I’m going to remember their sleeping faces. Their grins. The mischievous twinkle in their eyes. THAT is where real treasure lies.