Worth It All

Some kids will drive you right to the brink of insanity. Right to the extreme wit’s end. They will tie you up with the fraying end of your rope. They will take your very last nerve and stomp on it until you cry “Uncle”. And they will enjoy every second of it. And then just when you are ready to drown your sorrows in a pint of Blue Bell Butter Pecan, they smile at you and melt your heart faster than a single scoop cone dropped on the asphalt at high noon during the dog days of a West Texas summer.

That’s this kid. And when he offered, actually OFFERED of his own accord to let me take pictures of him today, I JUMPED at it!!! No really…I jumped. Ask him.

(I had to make sure to really show off those freckles. How cute are they??? I mean….um, they are not cute at all. Just like 11 year old boys are not cute at all. *wink wink wink*)

I love him. Love him forever to the 10th power.