Newborn Session Baby Girl B – Midland Texas Newborn Photographer

Ever have days where you just can’t wait to get started?  That was me the day of this session.  I had my studio ready before I even took the time to eat or shower!  I was so full of ideas and just ready to get started.  You know what?  It turned out even BETTER than I hoped!  It was such a blast!  And even though I TOTALLY LOVE it, I’m aware from the outside that the sessions must seem deceptively easy.  Don’t let these serene images fool you – most newborn sessions are hard, sweaty work.  I can only imagine how ragged I must look at times while I am working my way through all those poses.  But the images that come come out of them just make my heart sing!  This is the reason I do newborn photography.  To capture these fleeting moments in such a way that ensures you’ll treasure these images as priceless artwork on the walls of your home for the rest of your life.  Ok ok ok.  I admit I like snuggling the newborns, too.  Heehee!

I hope you enjoy this little preview of yesterday’s session.  There will be more to come soon!

And thank you, Kelli and Brian, for sharing little B with me!  You guys really made this session work.  Thanks for being so fun, for laughing and just enjoying each other, so I could do the easy part and catch you being family.  We’ll do it again soon!  ~Patricia