together {midland family and milestone photographer}

When is the last time you saw such a beautiful family or such a chunky, happy baby? Am I too lucky or what??? I loved this session in way too many ways. This little guy was so happy. I also can’t help but love it when my client is all for some hair-brained idea that I have, and says to go for it! Can you say, “Go dad!” at taking his shirt off for that amazing shot with his little one! Is there anything more beautiful than a mom and a dad so in love with their child? Seriously, such a great session!

What a joy to get to watch this little guy grow!  I’ve been photographing him since before he was even born!  I shot his beautiful mom’s maternity session, and then I finally got to meet and photograph him when he was brand new.  Such a great-looking family, and the nicest people you ever met.  Sometimes I can’t believe what a fabulous job I have!  I can’t wait to see you guys again.  You are awesome!  And I’m REALLY looking forward to getting this little guy back here to smash his cake at 1 year!  That’s going to ROCK!