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….because your baby is only this little once.

 This is why I do what I do.  Because in such a short time, your baby will be different.  Bigger.  More alert.  The newness, the tininess – they only really last for the 1st 4 weeks.  And then suddenly, your baby is not so much a newborn anymore.  They somehow morph into this active little engaging baby.  Almost overnight, it seems.  The newborn period is an amazing and fleeting stage of your child’s life.  They are so new.  So pure.  So perfect.

  So please, take the time to have newborn photos taken.  If newborn photos are important to you and you see the value of having a professional capture this time, then hire a photographer that you trust for your newborn session.  Someone with experience, and the images to show for it, whose style you connect with.  Someone who loves working with babies.  Newborn sessions and posing are HARD!  Trust me on this.  You want to entrust your time and money to someone who can get you the images and poses that you envision.  You want to really feel that you can trust your photographer.  You should get the feel from their images that they absolutely know what they are doing, and that your baby is literally in capable hands.

And if you are not really interested in a professional newborn session, well then, my advice is to take plenty of pictures yourself.  And maybe have someone else take a few photos of you together with your baby.  Because regardless of whether you want to be in photos or not, one day you are going to look back and be glad that you have them.  And so will your child.

In the end, what really matters most is that parents soak all that wonderful newborn-ness in and bond with their babies.  Photos just help us to remember and celebrate all that was so amazing about having a brand new baby.  This is something that you as a parent will only appreciate more as time goes on.  But don’t underestimate how wonderful it is for a child to have photos of life when he or she was tiny, too.

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