Gratitude – Why we photograph our lives

The truth is, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to do the work that I love to do and to have such wonderful clients. And I often think about how that gratitude is really all an extension of why I am a photographer in the first place. I’m grateful for my life – for my husband and my children, for the moments that have combined to make us, well, US. It’s that gratitude that inspires me to pick up my camera with my own loved ones. Don’t get me wrong – we’re a normal family. We have our moments, but all in all I am truly thankful for most all of it, and I want them to know that, too. I’m fairly convinced that portraits remind us and our children just how important they are to us. How proud we are of their milestones and their moments. How loved they were and are at any given stage of their lives. This is why I photograph my family, and why I hope that you photograph yours, too. And it’s also why I love being able to create portraits and canvases for my clients. These are your moments. And I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

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