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So, you’ve found out that you are expecting a bouncing baby boy or girl.  Wonderful news!  You have my most heartfelt congratulations.  Being a parent is an amazing and rewarding journey, but it’s also one that is full of questions and decisions.  Relax!  You’ll get through it.  And I hope that I can help make one decision a little bit easier for you to make.  How to hire the right newborn photographer.

No matter your age, young mom or more mature mom, you’ve more than likely been exposed to newborn art.  Whether by Anne Geddes, or Baby as Art, or maybe even a friend or family member who has had newborn photos taken.  And if you have, you have probably also settled it in your mind that you are booking one of those sessions for your own baby.  Congratulations on a great decision!  (See, you just started this journey, and you are already making great decisions!)

But how do you know WHO to hire?  Let me spell it out for you.  I’ll give you the quick and the dirty, so you can find the perfect photographer for YOU!

1. Google is your friend!  And so is Facebook.  Search area photographers that specialize in newborns.  Trust me on this one – Newborn photography is a whole lot more than laying a baby down on a blanket, followed by click – click – click.  Newborn posing takes know-how and dedication.  It truly is an art.  So, look for photographers who feature images with well posed babies.  Can you see the baby’s whole face, or is part of the baby’s face smooshed into the blanket?  Does the baby look to have been worked with to get him relaxed and soothed into his pose, or does he look awkward or uncomfortable?  And finally, you can ask the photographer how she has been educated on safe newborn handling, posing and soothing techniques, and how much experience she has working with newborns.  You are planning to entrust your tiny new baby to this person for several hours.  Be sure she knows what she is doing!

2. Take a good look through the photographer’s images in their portfolio or on their website.  Do you adore their style, or does it not really mesh with your own personal aesthetics?  In general, with a photographer who has an ample body of work to show, a potential client can get a really good feel for the style of images and processing they can expect.  If you don’t love it, then keep looking.  It is not likely to grow on you.  I recommend looking for a photographer who displays a style that speaks to your heart.  To your soul.  These are going to be some of the most important images you will ever have taken.  For this reason, I also recommend looking for a photographer who has a classic and clean looking style.  Something that is not going to scream DATED to you in 18 or so years, when you display them at his graduation.  Something that will always be beautiful and transport you back to that amazing newborn scent, those tiny fingers and toes, his downy-soft hair.

3. Don’t be entirely swayed by price.  Now, I realize that cost and budget are going to weigh in on this decision, and that is completely understandable.  But what I am recommending is that it be the final consideration, rather than the top priority.  You can expect the more experienced and in-demand photographers to have higher pricing than newer photographers.  And often, that will mean that you are paying not only for higher grade professional gear and props, but also for workshops, education, and expertise.  You are also paying for peace of mind and the assurance that you have hired someone who is going to get the job done, and do so in a way that creates an amazing experience for you as well as beautiful images.  I can’t tell you the number of clients who come to me in tears because they hired someone on the basis of cost, and do not have any beautiful images from their session.  They end up paying MORE in the end, because they regret their decision and book another session with me.  And it breaks my heart every time it happens.  So, I highly recommend thinking of your newborn session as an investment for your family for generations to come, because you will truly be able to relive this experience over and over with your children.  With their spouses.  And with their own children.  It’s not unlike purchasing quality furniture that you will be able to pass down to your children and grandchildren.  Sometimes it is simply worth paying more.

Do remember that a very experienced newborn photographer will likely be working with a high client volume.  Book early to be sure that they can reserve a spot for you in their schedule.  Booking before your third trimester is probably good advice.

I truly hope this information helps you book your newborn session.  And that years from now, you will have beautiful photos of one of the most amazing times in your life to show for it.



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How to Choose a Newborn Photographer – Midland Newborn Photographer

You’ve just spent 9 months carrying inside of you the most precious gift you will ever receive.  You nurtured this little life.  When shopping for an OB, you probably asked around for referrals.  Maybe you even researched childbirth techniques and took classes to prepare you for the big day.  And now that you’re little one has arrived, you want to document every precious moment.  The tiniest and most perfect little details.  Now is not the time to get out the yellow pages and your dartboard.  Nor is it time to scour Craigslist.  You want to be sure that you are choosing a photographer who does more than put a sleeping baby in a bucket, on a dresser, or in a tutu.  You need the security of knowing that the photographer you’ve chosen is not only competent with a camera, but more importantly is heavily qualified and knowledgeable in every aspect of working with newborns.  But how can you really be sure of all those things, especially in the sleep deprivation and muddied thinking that typically comes with the early days of parenting?

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First, look for a body of work that seems to reflect a respect for the newborn itself.  An exceptional newborn photographer will not only work to creatively capture newborn images, but will do so in such a way that you can sense how thoroughly he or she respects this little life and the newborn’s own unique personality and temperament.  It really is so much more than hats, buckets and bows.  And it can’t be added with Photoshop, either.

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Second, how many newborns has the photographer photographed?  Let me be blunt.  Let’s say you found a *name on Craigslist of someone offering free or super-cheap sessions, so you decide to call them and they say, “Well, I’m actually JUST starting with newborns, but I love them so much, and I know I will do a beautiful job and this is my PASSION, and ….and…. and….*”, this is when you RUN!  I am not joking.  Hang up that phone and delete that number!  Listen, everyone wants to photograph newborns.  Many of us saw the newborn period become an art form when Anne Geddes arrived on the scene with her amazing work, and too often photographers are overconfident and think, “Meh.  No big deal.”  Let me say in no uncertain terms that while someone may have a passion for newborn photography, if they do not have in depth know how in handling newborns, if they are not  willing to either mentor with someone or attend intensive workshops, then they do not deserve the trust you will place in them when you hand over your precious infant.  Plain and simple.  *If you are a photographer, and this description applies to you, don’t get mad, get to work!  Find out how to be mentored, attend a workshop or 2, and become the best newborn photographer you can possibly be!  You can do it!  And I am here to answer any questions at all.

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Third, ask yourself whether the images you see on their website or in their portfolio convey safety and comfort.  A reputable newborn photographer would never put a newborn at risk.  Posing newborns not only takes patience, but it also takes knowledge of a newborn’s limitations, and knowledge in how to prevent accidental injury when transitioning a newborn through poses.  And when working with props, it takes someone who will take ZERO risks.  There is not a shot that is worth even the slightest possibility of newborn injury.  Buckets should be weighted, and babies should be “spotted” with a parent or assistant closer than arm’s reach or even have a steadying hand on them to keep them absolutely safe.  Remember, NO shot in the world is worth a baby – your baby, any baby – getting hurt.

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And lastly, purely from an aesthetic point of view, do the photographer’s newborn images draw you in?  Does his or her style seem to mesh with yours?  Once you’ve determined that the photographer you are considering has the technical know how to get the job done safely, then you can decide whether his or her style of photography suits you.  There are so many styles of photography out there.  And so many styles of processing.  Be sure that what you see is something that you would want to display on your walls.  With photography, what you see is usually what you are going to get.

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The newborn period is so amazing!  It lasts a mere 4 weeks, and during this time, your baby grows, changes and develops more than he or she ever will again in such a short amount of time.  My wish for 2012 is that every parent of a newborn find an experienced and specialized newborn photographer to forever document this time for them.  That every baby photographed would be cherished; handled safely and with respect.  And that every image would become a lasting memory of such a precious time.  I strive to make every session peaceful, calm, and enjoyable.  And I work hard to provide images that make your heart swell with joy at this life that you have carried inside of you.  And above all, I do this with the highest regard for your newborn’s comfort and safety.  I would love for you to call me to schedule your newborn session.  (432)279-0742

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