The big TWELVE! – Patricia Wade Midland Pre-Teen Photography

I can hardly believe this guy will be a TEENAGER next year! The evening of the shoot was pretty cold. We were bundling up in coats in between photos. Haha! We headed out just before sunset for some great shots and lots of laughter. I love this kid!

Thanks for such a super day!  Let’s not wait a whole year to do this again.  K?

Happy 1st Birthday! Now, smash that cake!

And boy, did he!!!  This kid barely let me grab the camera before he had a foot stuck in it!  This was definitely one of the funnest shoots I have gotten to do with him.  It was just such a great time, watching while he went crazy with the cake.  He was hitting it, and clapping, and shaking his hands.  Then for the eating, he made sure to get as many cake-coated fingers all the way inserted in his mouth in order to get ALL that goodie!  LOL, what a cutie!  I really can hardly wait for the next milestone photo shoot.  What a joy!And yes, I am SERIOUSLY behind on posting sessions.  Ay ay ay!!!!  Between my photography and design biz, plus all the family details, wow, life can sure get tangled.  But thank God that He is here to direct my path, to clear a way for me that is straight and even, and to tend to my heart in the last detail.  He makes every day a joy to live in.  And I’m so glad to get to share some of that with you.  Be blessed!