The answer to my most asked question – What size canvas?

The answer is very simple – as big as you can afford.  Really.  If you are purchasing a gallery wrapped canvas, the size will determine whether it pales in comparison to your surroundings, swallowed in blank wall space or lots of other photos, or whether it shines on its own.  A work of art that adds beauty and meaning to your space.  And I can honestly say that I have never had a client convey to me that they were sorry that they purchased a larger print or canvas, while I regularly hear from clients who wish they had gone larger.  I recommend purchasing the largest canvas you can afford for that reason.

Still not convinced?  Take a look at the following images:

Which one looks better to you?  I think we have a natural tendency to overestimate print size, so I make reference charts for my clients, to take the guesswork out of the decision making process.

Smaller canvases can look amazing, too.  They are wonderful in smaller areas, or grouped together, as in the following image.

As photographers, our goal should be to bring your images to reality, helping you to group them and display them on your walls.  Please do not hesitate to make clear to your photographer what you have in mind, what size of area(s) you are looking to fill with your images, and anything else that you feel we should know in order to make it happen.  We want you surrounded by your own meaningful artwork.  Images of your loved ones, your life and your moments.