Getting a Facelift

I’m getting a face-lift! SO EXCITING! Well, the blog is getting a new look, anyway. (Much as I could use a little nip and tuck…) So, bear with me for a bit. I am so very behind on blogging the recent sessions, and they have been some beauties, let me tell you! But it will all be worth it. Getting the branding all tweaked has been a bit elusive for me, for some reason. But, I think it may now be pretty well ironed out. New logo, new watermark, new stationery, cd covers, etc… it can be a lot to pull together. But it’s just about there.

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos of some new little fabric roses that are going to make some really adorable hair accessories for those girlie photo shoots. I can just see some vintage textures and processing to really complement some beautiful sweeties. I can’t wait to get to use them! So, give me a call if you want to plan the perfect newborn shoot to forever capture your newborn girl’s first few weeks. I specialize in creating timeless art with your child’s portrait.