New Year, New Blog

Wow!  2010 was a big year, full of change and growth for me.  I can hardly wait to see where 2011 is going to take me!  For now, it has taken me out of my comfy Blogger blog, and dropped me in the lap of WordPress.  For the most part, I made the move to enjoy larger images sizes and a bit more liberal format.  Let’s hope I can make the most of it!  As a half-wit blogger, I may be asking too much of myself.  We shall see.

I’ve made a commitment to photograph one portrait per day.  To really reach for creativity when I’m behind the lens.  Because great photography is so much more than putting together the right combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  It’s more than the rule of 3rds, and the Golden Section.  For me, right now, it’s about catching something extraordinary in the ordinary.  Finding something magical in an everyday moment.

Today’s photo does this, I think.   It is not perfectly composed.  It was a very brief capture, and the little guy was ready to move on.  But I feel that even the hand blur really honors the motion of the moment and maybe even adds something right to the enthusiasm I was trying to catch as he was banging on the tub.

I would love to see the family/newborn/children portraits you are working on, especially if you are doing a 365 project.  So, please feel free to post a comment, along with your blog or flickr!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!