What Should I Expect from My Baby’s Newborn Session?

Congratulations! So, you’ve hired or are thinking about hiring a newborn photographer (in either case, hopefully MOI 😉 ) and you’re wondering what you should expect from your session. Sessions probably vary greatly from one photographer to the next, but here are some things that should be fairly standard:

1. You should expect a warm room, especially if you want any of those “bare baby” images. It’s important for the room to be warm, because new babies cannot adequately maintain their own body temperature. Dress comfortably! If the room doesn’t seem warm enough to you, or if it seems too warm, I encourage you to communicate this to your photographer. I know that I appreciate feedback from my clients.  And I always encourage mom or dad to feel free to step out for some fresh air if they need to.

2. On the subject of “bare babies”, expect some baby messes. Babies spit up, poo and pee. It may get on mom, dad, or me. Rest assured, everything in the studio is washable, so no apologies are necessary. Baby messes go with the territory.

3. Expect to be asked to assist in posing or spotting your baby. The truth is, as much as we love working with and caring for our newborn clients, and even though we make comfort and safety top priority, we know that no one will ever care about your baby quite as much as you do. So, we may ask you for a hand to make the baby’s pose stable, or to sit close and watch for any movement while in a prop. My clients seem to really enjoy being a part of the session, and even helping to achieve some of the “magic” that goes on behind the scenes.

4. New clients can expect some info on how to prepare for the session, but don’t stress over it! Babies can sense stress like nothing else, and that is a newborn photographer’s kryptonite! Plan for a nice, relaxed day, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio. Once you’re here, your baby will be in our capable hands. Relax and enjoy!

5. Expect to be in a few photos, even if you don’t really feel pretty. Of course, I won’t force you, but I do encourage them. And don’t worry – I don’t shoot postpartum tummies, and I use flattering light and angles for a radiant mom and baby! New mommies usually love these images when they see the gallery, but if they don’t, they don’t have to buy them.

Your newborn’s session should be a sweet experience for you and your baby! Take the chance to let someone else do the work while you relax and soak in your baby’s own unique cuteness and personality, and get excited for a gallery full of beautiful artwork featuring your sweet new baby! Due to high volume demand and increased sessions, availability is limited. Contact me today to ensure a spot in my busy schedule for your precious newborn: [email protected] . I would love nothing more than to create beautiful photographs of your new little bundle!